Why Rent a Tent?

You shouldn’t rent a tent just in case of rain, any more than you should build an ark! In any kind of weather, the tent is really the focal point for your party. A tent helps direct the energy of the event and keeps guests from thinning out and wandering about aimlessly. Taking your event outdoors can feel like a risk but with some helpful advice from the professionals at Maritime Tents you can relax because as their logo suggests they’ve got you covered!

One piece tent tops

Rain entering the tent top can be an issue on older tent designs that have their roof tops sewn together. Our tents use one piece tops without seams. A one piece top reduces the risk of rain entering through the seam on the top of the tent.


Maritime Tents can supply a selection of tables, including café, cocktail, round and banquets as well as white folding fanback and resin chairs with cushion seats. We have halogen lights with dimmer switches, staging, podiums, portable dance floors and a variety of tent walls and doors for your special event.


A perfect day comes in many different ways. Celebrations reflect individuality and personal style – all being influenced by family traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, or business etiquette. A tent can be outfitted to match your sense of style. At a minimum, you get a roof over your head. But with some creativity, your tent can be transformed into something casual or something glamorous! Whereas most indoor venues come with a style (colors, interior décor of some vintage), tents are like a blank palate, a canvas that will carry your style and make your event personal, not like every other event held at that same venue.

Wind Noise

Another issue we have drastically reduced is wind noise created by the roof fabric being loosely laid on the frame. Many older tents lay fabric directly on a frame which allows the fabric to flap around in the wind creating distracting noise. The solution to reduce wind noise is to select tensioned tents that hold the fabric tight like a drum to the frame. This in turn reduces noise created as the wind blows over the fabric. Our tent tops do not flap around in the wind.


If you have a lot of guests or want activities like dancing or games, you’ll need a larger venue. Many indoor venues are poorly configured with odd traffic patterns, leaving few options for determining placement of head tables, staging, bar or dance floors. Tents are very versatile and accommodating to needs and desires. Whether your event is small or large, there’s a tent size that’s the “right size”, appropriately comfortable, neither cramped nor cavernous.

Better Looking Tents

Carnival tents have loose fabric that hangs onto the frame and it is common for the tent poles to be required every 7 ft. These poles are then staked into the ground with a couple of straps to secure the tent. Our engineered tents reduce many poles and stakes which we believe can distract from the style and appearance. All of our large tents use pole spacing from 15 ft. all the way to an amazing 30 ft.! Fewer poles and stakes adds to the appearance of the tent structure. In this case less is definitely more! Our tents have also eliminated the centre poles extending to the ground which allows you to arrange your guest’s seating the way you like without having to work around a centre pole distraction.


There’s nothing quite as beautiful as nature! That explains why we get excited when we do anything outdoors! An outdoor backdrop may be just the right setting for your event. But there are concerns, too much sun/heat, or rain, can dampen a ‘perfect day’. Weather is unpredictable, especially in Nova Scotia, but our tents can save the day! They provide a welcome retreat from the sun and heat, as well as protection from rain, while still giving you that outdoor view! With options like sidewall windows for a pretty view or solid walls to hide the not-so-pretty, tents can be used year round and when the sun goes down we even rent lighting!

It’s never too early to book, contact us today and let the planning begin!

Our aim is high to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our products and service. Each of our tents is engineered to protect you and your guests from the elements while providing exceptionally good looks that will make your event stand out from the ordinary. Contact us today and we can help guide you step by step towards choosing the very best package for you and your guests.